Oakhill Jackson is very focused on reaching out to our community to provide support and help to people and organizations that are in need.

Food & Shelter

OJCC is very active in helping provide food and shelter in support of local missions and shelters.  Currently we support the Mission of Hope and serve meals on the fourth Monday of each month while also providing food and financial support.  We also provide support to the Willis Dady Center, which is a homeless shelter for men.  We provide blankets, personal care items, breakfast cereals and fruit snacks.


Senior Programs

Seniors have contributed so much to our community and it is time for us to give back to them.  At OJCC, we believe the wisdom they have is a precious gift that they can share with us.  We provide many opportunities for them to gather and share with each other and us.  The main activities occur mid-day when seniors gather to share a meal through the Horizons Meals on Wheels program and participate in activities through the Witwer Center Senior Program hosted at Oakhill Jackson Church.